Friday, October 23, 2015

Halloween Movie or Book Night

I just submitted an article to Listverse about the origins of vampires (the pirate article is on hold). In my research I came across some classic vampire literature and movies, all of which are in the public domain!


Greatest Gothic horror novel of all time. It should be taught in high school English class.

Dracula's Guest
The lost first chapter of Dracula.

The original vampire queen. Dracula borrowed a lot from this novella.

Varney the Vampire
A penny dreadful series that originated many vampire tropes, like pointy fangs. Read only if you're a hardcore vampire fan.

The Vampyre
Starring Lord Ruthven, who was Dracula before there was a Dracula.


Dark Shadows

Night of the Living Dead
(What's a movie about zombies doing in a list about vampires? Read the article to find out!)



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