Monday, September 21, 2015

Writing Music: Penultimate Battle

Steven King said it's important that every writer have a dark room with a door you can shut. It's a way of tuning out the world so you can concentrate.

But not all of us have those quiet little rooms. Or doors to shut. Sometimes even if you have a door to shut, it's still too loud. And you don't want to tell anyone to keep it down because, well, when people are loud they are usually pretty happy. And you don't want to spoil your family or roommates happiness, right?

So that's why I write with headphones on, listening to music. Even if you have a quiet room, music can drive you to work harder. Listening to music without lyrics can improve concentration.

So once a week I'll post a link to the music I listen to when I'm writing, revising, or editing.

This song is from an anime I haven't seen, which I believe is called Fate Zero. I listen to it when writing and revising the penultimate battle in Dark Z Force, my YA superhero novel. Penultimate battles are generally charged with negative emotion, whereas final battles are energized with positive emotion.

I'll start posting more about Dark Z Force soon. In the meantime enjoy the song. Happy writing!

*Oh and if you ever want to listen to a youtube video on repeat, go to the URL of the video and type in "repeater" after youtube. So it would look like this: of the URL).

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